What are virtual legal assistants? And how can they help me and my firm?

Whether you're a small firm or a solo attorney working on your own, at some point you might of thought about getting an extra bit of help. Being an attorney is not easy and you're busy all the time, so get the help you deserve without the hassle of looking for it. Remove the stress of hiring an employee with a virtual legal assistant service. With a dedicated virtual legal assistant you can save time and money by not having to waste resources on posting job listings and sifting through countless applications and possible horrible resumes as these virtual legal assistants already have past experience working at law firms. You'll be dealing with experienced help with all the skills needed to help grow and automate your practice. All you have to do is integrate them into your practice, your processes and finally provide them with tasks that need to be completed.

Having a virtual legal assistant is extremely beneficial, why bother with bothersome tasks like checking emails, creating document templates, billing clients, updating contacts and matter files. Delegate the tasks and chores that you feel you don't need to be doing as an attorney to your virtual assistant. Alongside freeing up your time your virtual legal assistants also come at the fraction of the price of hiring an on site employee. On average in the U.S. the salary of a legal assistant is about $46,452/yr according to With a virtual legal assistant you'll be saving yourself anywhere from 50-70% of the costs of having employed someone physically at your firm. The best part is that cheaper doesn't always mean a worse service, with reputable services like PracticeForYou, VirtualEmployee, and Equivity you can guarantee that your dedicated virtual legal assistant is up to par with a physical in house employee.

As a practicing attorney you're probably worried about security and privacy issues or even being in accordance with being HIPAA compliant, no matter the concern, virtual legal assistant providers understand the need for security. Not only are the best tools used to do the job securely but you can bet that your virtual assistant will be in accordance with all necessary security measures to ensure a job well done.

If you are looking to sign up for virtual legal assistant services, we recommend to start coming up with a game plan before deciding to sign up for the help. You'll want to first identify the tools you currently use to do your legal work, whether those tools consist of Gmail or Outlook to RingCentral, Zapier, EverNote, Box, Dropbox, or even Legal Practice Management tools like PracticePanther, Clio, or Timematters. You want to make sure that you communicate to your virtual legal assistant of the tools you're currently using so they can jump on-board as quickly and effortlessly as possible. There are certain tools that we recommend you integrate or start using if really want to maximize the efficiency of your virtual legal assistant and to drive growth and automation into your firm, you can find out which ones we recommend over in another one of our articles.

Now that you've got that covered, the next thing you'll want to go over is how much work needs to get done. This is going to be an important factor in determining which tier of service you'll need from your virtual legal assistant providers. The tiers are broken down into intervals of hours/month. Usually there are multiple tiers of 10 hours intervals depending on your need. We compare these different tiers from different providers in our article here. Once you've chosen your tier, you'll be assigned your dedicated virtual legal assistant. After an initial introduction meeting you can get straight to work with your new assistant. You'll want to go over key details as to what will be the best way to work with you and you practice. Key points you'll want to cover in your initial meeting when signing up for a virtual legal assistant are availability, expectations, and goals. Once the initial meeting occurs give your assistant time to integrate into your practice and to get a feel for how you handle your current workflow.

If you have any more questions on how virtual legal assistants can help change your practice feel free to reach out to us by clicking here. Also make sure to follow the blog as there are weekly posts talking about the latest legal trends, tech and advise for the legal world.

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