Our Goal:

To provide the best and most professional virtual assistance to law firms

The mission

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We're transforming the way that law firms operate day to day operations by providing the best help from some of the best virtual legal assistants in the field. Our dedication to providing the upmost satisfaction to our clients is always a priority in our service.

PracticeForYou was created on the sunny summer of 2018 in Miami, FL. While working as an implementation specialist at one of the leading companies in legal customer management software, PracticePanther. I realized that many of the attorney's and law firms that I was advising needed more than just the implementation of their new system.

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So the idea was born to provide the best virtual legal assistants to these law firms that are integrating the latest legal tech to improve their firms. With our expertise in the use of technology and our dedication to providing the best service to law firms, our journey began.